Voice banking

Voice-activated internet devices are rapidly becoming commonplace, and U.S.?Bank is on board with convenient banking capabilities designed for the most popular platforms. These include:

  • Amazon Alexa: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show and other devices running Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant

  • Google Home:?Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max and other devices running Google Assistant

  • Apple iOS devices:?iPhone? and iPad?

U.S. Bank capabilities by device type

All of the capabilities listed below require U.S.?Bank Online and Mobile Banking access.

What information can I ask for?

Location services

This optional feature runs in the background of the U.S.?Bank Mobile App to enhance the security of your U.S.?Bank Visa? credit or debit card account. When you allow access to your location by enabling Location Services in the app, we can verify that you and your U.S.?Bank Visa card are together, whether home or away – helping you minimize your risk of fraud and avoid unnecessary transaction declines while traveling.

To activate this feature:

On iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > U.S.?Bank and set to Always (on).
On Android? phones, the steps will be similar but may vary slightly. For example:

  • Samsung Note 8: Go to Settings > Apps > U.S.?Bank > Permissions and turn on Location.
  • Google Pixel XL: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > All apps > U.S.?Bank > Permissions and turn on Location.

Advanced authentication

秋霞在线观看Did you know you can set up the U.S.?Bank Mobile App on supported mobile devices to log you in using your face or fingerprint? These unique characteristics are ideal for positively confirming your identity – and once enabled, fingerprint or face identification makes logging into the app quick, simple and seamless.

For iPhone:

  • Touch?ID? fingerprint authentication is available for iPhone models 5s and later.
  • Face?ID??facial recognition is available on iPhone?X.

For Android smartphones:

  • Fingerprint authentication is available for supported phones running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later.

To activate advanced authentication秋霞在线观看: Open the app and go to Settings in the main menu. Look for the type of authentication you wish to enable and follow the prompts.

Apple Pay? integration

Great news if you’re an iPhone user: We’ve recently introduced a new capability in the U.S.?Bank Mobile App that allows you to easily add your U.S.?Bank Visa?秋霞在线观看 debit or credit card to Apple Pay. There’s no need to manually add your account information – the app pulls it in automatically. You simply select the card or cards you want to make available in Apple Pay and follow a few simple prompts. Once you’ve added your card(s), you can start enjoying the tap-and-go convenience of Apple Pay at retailers who accept it.